Vladshenko Denegalius "White Eye"


Vladshenko Denegalius or “White eye” to those who know him only in passing is a man who started from humble beginnings. His age is unknown although it is believed he is an orphan who was born in the void, although rumours persists in huddled groups of scum and villainy that he was once the heir to a powerful and honourable dynasty of warriors. He has spent much of his life fraternising with the dregs of the underworld, making ends meet by doing what is required of him to survive. He is well known for his encyclopaedic knowledge, ice cold nerves and inability to waver in the harshest of circumstances along with his trust in only his mechanical companions. He is a staunchly loyal employee and well known for his complex web of contacts. His name has been mentioned in relation to the disappearances of high profile members of the underworld including Alaius Odonahue and Belius Dreadhaven the 3rd although, to this day, their bodies have never been recovered.

Vlad began working for the Inquisition in 806. M41, under Inquisitor Sheriffe Begal. It was here that the two began what became several years of highly successful Investigative missions. Their investigations lead the discovery and assisted extermination of a well entrenched Genestealer Cult on the Hive World of Normandy VII and various other black operations. They worked together closely until Begal’s death of natural causes in 810.M41. Official records of Vlad’s exploits are encrypted, however, stories involving mention of Vlad can be found in seedy underground bars, whilst listening in to huddled groups of terrified underworld scum. They refer to him as “White Eye”.

810. M41: The Black Operation investigative unit under Sherife Begal is liquidated and all agents distributed throughout the imperium.

813. M41: Vlad’s services are requested by Inquisitor Thurinas Scharde.

Vladshenko Denegalius "White Eye"

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