Kin Baku



Kin was born on Mahir a Death World of the Jericho Reach sector, there was little value on the planet and life was as hard as you could imagine hard. knowing very little of his parents other than they had raised him for a short while before they were devoured by the planet, it was hard to miss people you never really knew or remember. When you spend most of your young life just trying to stay alive you lose track of things and Kin is not sure how old he is days, weeks and years just seem to Blur when you know your almost certainly going to die any second. Mahir had a Temperate Climate and was covered in a planet-wide forest this meant hazards could be found anywhere, the people hard cold and dispassionate and nearly everything on the planet preying on each other.

During his young life Kin did all he could to survive, the best that could be said was that he lived long enough to leave that awful place. Others think and talk fondly of their home planet or where they were brought up, but even now not a day goes by when he misses any aspect of that life. Growing up in that atmosphere meant Kin had to learn fast, or die quick, he learnt how to handle weapons from a young age and had an affinity with close quarters combat, but that did not mean he was not well versed in other means of death. And that’s what his very young life was like, it was a true form of survival, there was no one he could rely on apart from himself. His trust was given so infrequently that it might as well have never been given in those early years.

When Kin was finally able to Leave the planet, it came about in an odd way, a cargo ship landed on the planet near where Kin was sleeping that day, and while looking around a crew member found the wild beast child, and found him amusing. I would love to say it was a happy ending, but it was not, over a few days the woman brought Chocolate and other sweet things to temp Kin, and when the ship was finally ready to depart Kin just wanted more of the sweet things, the Woman’s company was never in his considerations, so it took what he thought was a logical step.

Upon leaving the planet Kin found that was not his wisest of choices, he was bullied and mistreated for most of his time on the ship. It would turn out that the ship was running illegal cargo, and he became nothing more than a cabin boy. It started with endless demeaning chores, but even that life was sweater by far than what he had be used to on Mahir. Being young he was used by many of the crew and not just to do work. Kin realised his body was a commodity and that others wanted it and either tried to bribe him or buy it for their own use, and so he sold himself to Man or Woman, it was a far easier to survive this way then he was previously used to. He spent years in the service of this group, slowly learning their trade, he became harder and more dispassionate. But that first to survive never left him.

At the age of 13 Kin became more and more involved in underworld life, he became muscle for a crime syndicate, and they sent him on countless racketeering tasks. This went on for years, Kin slowly lost himself in a life of crime, even this life though was going to come to an abrupt halt when he got involved with the wrong group. On the day Kins life once again changed he was sent to a compound, there was an issue over late fees or something just as inane, all Kin knew was that he and some of the other lads were to go a shake down the owner and return with the money.

On arrival at the compound Kin and his Colleagues forced entry and went on a rampage, threating the locals and generally making a nuisance of themselves. While ransacking an room Kin found a hidden door in the floor, there were stairs leading down under the main complex. With no fear Kin sauntered down Into a well-lit area, there were cushions and booths and other items of relaxation and enjoyment and scattered everywhere was utensils for drug use. Unphased by this and thinking what he might be able to take to make some extra money off this job. As Kin strode around the rooms and looking into booths and pocking small items to sell later. In one of these booths however he would find something that would change his young life and much older.

A naked woman was bound and suspended from the ceiling by ropes and pullies, as was fastened in a very provocative way. On Kins approach the woman looked up with a gag in her mouth and tried to mumble something, however only a muffled noise could be heard. With a bravado that was deeply ingrained in Kin he approached and gently removed the gag. As the gag was removed the woman laughed and giggled, her eyes met with Kins and she welcomed him by name and with a Bang the Trap door that Kin had come through Slammed shut with a finality to it. Kin charged to the stairs he had descended to where the trapdoor, he made it a short distance before he fell unconscious that was the last he remembered before waking up in a cage.

Kin was later informed that he and the other boys who were sent to that compound had actually been sold by the syndicate, and they were now the property of Master Ronuye Mass. Kin was informed he was now to be put on shows as a Pit-Fighter. In his Debut match Kin awoke and was stripped, cleaned and oiled for the game, never abashed about his physical form he took this in his stride. Once done, he was provided with a smattering of protective armour and pushed to a door. From behind the door Kin could hear cheering and a smattering of other noises, but with how Kin lived to this point, there was no fear, just anticipation.

When the door opened, he was greeted by a small pit some 20ft square and in the centre suspended somehow were two weapons, floating in the air. From the other side Kin spotted one of the boys who had come with Kin to the compound, he knew what was about to happen and neither fear nor regret passed his mind, just a sense of comfort, this Kin knew, Kill or be Killed. The announcers commentary aroused the crowed, and with a quick count the match started. Needless to say Kin won his fight, but it was how he won that drew people’s attention, he did not just kill his opponent swiftly, he toyed with them making the fight last longer than it had any right to, he was never in danger. All his frustrations poured out of him, his choices and his treatment until now, and something snapped, he took them all out on the young boy in front of him. Something was born in the Pit that day, or maybe it was just unleashed again either way Kin became a famous fighter over the years.

He spent so long in the Pits it became something of a second home to Kin, he was lavished with praise, was given training above and beyond what he already knew. Over time he learnt and became colder, as his fame grew so did his rewards. Woman and men would buy his time and spend nights in his company, or he would be given a choice of other slaves, at some point he became the Pit Champion and was awarded a fine double headed power axe, this he used in many a fights and honed his skills.

This life was not to last, and one fortunate day Master Ronuye Mass crossed the wrong person, with his death the empire he had built himself began to crumble. As luck would have it, someone thought to profit from this and in their ignorance freed Kin, armed with his Axe the first person to fall was the person who freed him. Kin was neither grateful or remorseful, just practical he had to escape and the less people that knew about him the better. He made a note though, of all those that had wronged him, and still to this day will try and scratch off another name on his list.

It was this that lead Kin to become a Manhunter, his hard-won skills made him perfect for this kind of work. It was during this time that he came across a strange fellow while on a job, Kin was working in Gunmetal City and was on the trail of a person of interest. While using his tried and trusted diplomacy skills to get the job done, he met a man called Nicodemus Akkarin. Nicondemus had skills that Kin him self did not, and so although hired by different parties they were in fact working on the same job. As there was no Competition over the reward both men agreed to work together. If Kin was a blunt force object, Nicondemus was more like a scalpel, between them they complement each other, and the job was swiftly completed.

From time to time they would work together on jobs, and as this went on, Kin had a grudging respect for Nicondemus. While on these jobs, they would end up talking for hours about war and fighting and military tactics, Kin believe that surprised Nicondemus, as up until this point Kin had only shown him self to be a combatant and not much more that a hired thug at times. At some point Kin gave his friendship to Nicondemus and over time his trust as well.

A long time later, Nicondemus did something that surprised Kin, he introduced him to a man that would honestly change this life for ever. Inquisitor Scharde, Kin at first wondered what he had done to be brought before an inquisitor, however he was put at ease. Scharde spent time him questioning Kin with more and more probing questions, at some point Scharde seemed to nod to him self and it was then Kin was offered a position working under the inquisitor. Kin took some time before he sent an official response accepting any position.

He was assigned to the Daqin where his skills were used time and time again, Kins leadership was a bit of a shock to be sure, his idea of getting people to do what he wanted, was to shout at them until they started moving, and then keep them moving by pure intimidation.

Kin is a very Dispassionate man, he gives his trust rarely but those who have gained it will find a feral monster in their corner whenever its needed. He uses his grizzled features and overbearing strength to Intimidate people into doing what he wants or what needs to be done, who needs words when a flex of his Power axe is more than enough message to get his point across.
Kin will happily indulge his carnal side with either men or woman, but there is never any love.
Those who know Kin find his humour weird and rather strange, especially when he is playing with or trying to juggle his various bladed pets as he would call them.
One word of warning: never try to touch or take hold of Jen, his double headed axe, of all his possessions he treats this axe more like a lover than a tool, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Kin is 5’ 8”, with silver hair and a long-worn scar on the side of his face. He can normally be found wearing clothes; however, they do seem optional at times. When he does wear clothes, he always finds the ones that seem to be 1 size to small for him and hit nicely to his well-formed and chiselled physic.

Kin Baku

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