Rogues and Roses

The Year is 814.M41

The Imperium of Man is beset on all sides by foul Xenos and the forces of Chaos, while the heresy and treason eat at it from the inside.

The Warrant of Rosater is once again in the hands of that bloodline, can the Dynasty rise once more from the ashes and atone for the actions of their ancestors.

For the first time in more than 500 years A Warrant of Trade is legitimately held by operatives of the Inquisition. While the Warrant offers enormous freedom and great power, these
Rogue Traders are still beholden to their Liege Lord, Inquisitor Thurinas Scharde and by extension the Calixian Conclave.

Their true identities are known to but a few within the Inquisition and in most formal documents they are referred to as the Daqin.

The Dictats of the Conclave

As penned by Inqusitor Heraclion Theos

Thy master’s will shalt be the whole of the law.
Thou shalt know thy duties.
Thou shalt not over-esteem thine own importance.
Thou shalt not make improper use of thy master’s purse, nor his seal, nor his name either.
Thou shalt seek no reward but the satisfaction of thy master.
Thou shalt be glad of thy master’s punishment, for it is deserved and it improves thee.

The Daqin
Senior Operatives of Inquisitor Scharde

Lady Palace Rosater, Rogue Trader and Holder of the Rosater Warrant – Jodie

Yolande Rosater, Astropath Transcendant – Simon
Celestrina Praxistine, Sister of Battle – Abi
Vilotor, Explorator, Daqin Prime – Paul
Nicodemus Akkarin, Void Master and Manhunter – Jim
Daqin Prime Kin Baku, Arch-Militant – Steve
Vladshenko Denegalius “White Eye”, Seneschal – Ed

Session Summaries and Journals

Rogues and Roses

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